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Salwar kameez dressing was originated during early Mughal times Fashion in the mother land and in the neighboring countries has widened. It is widely believe that Salwar Kameez was originated from Afghanistan and was spread out in neighboring countries especially in India and Asia.. Salwar kameez is a traditional dress worn by both women and men in South and Central part of Asia. It is a traditional dress worn by the Punjabis and the Pakistanis.Salwar comes in vibrant designs, pattern ,fabrics and structure.. There are essentially legging of the suit, called payjama ,which it has lazes to tight around waist, the most common salwar or the regular basis is cotton salwar, it's the most common one can be worn every day, these are soft, skin friendly and gives soothing effect during summers. It is the daily wear dress of married and unmarried women of India. This simple dress is made in demand with latest designs of salwar kameez stylesby the eminent designers and the trend setters of the fashion industry. There are different patterns and styles of salwar kameez which the fashion designers have come up with. Among all the salwar suits Patiyala suits are the best because it is the most trendy and comfortable form of dressing, blending the tradition and modernity. The essence of this salwar kameez lies in its typical salwar design. Patiyala pattern of salwar-kameez was originated in the royal city of Punjab. The reason can be found in the fact that a lots of cloth is required to make this salwar. It needs about 4.5 meters as compared to 2.25 meters required for salwars of traditional salwar suits. Common man could not afford to get about 7 meters of fabric for making only one salwar suit set. Therefore, it was restricted to the royal and rich families. Patiala salwar with lots of pleats is also referred to as Patiala "Shahi" salwar since it was worn by the shahi (royal) people of Patiala city in state of Punjab. There is a vast difference between the cutting pattern of the Wedding Salwar suit and the patiyala suit. Its distinguishing characteristic is folds of cloth stitched together that meet at the bottom. The "paijama" or the salwar is is very heavy compared to the common salwar because it consists of numerous folds accumulated around the waist. Now a days semi patiyala has also come up into style where the circumference is somewhat lesser near the waistline. This was done keeping in mind the comfort related to weight of the salwar. The kurta is a tight fitting, straight cut. The length of the kurta rests few inches above the knee. The sleeves may be of various styles like short sleeves, puff sleeves, 3-quarters and even sleeve less.The glamour more added to the suit is due to the dupatta of the Salwar Kameez, with heavy patch work.

Different bollywood heroines have worn in different movies. In the recent movie "jab we met" acted by kareena kapoor we can see huge range of patiyala suits. Those were beautifully decorated.
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One can find many differences between the Islamic urban wear and the Islamic rural wear. In Asia most people can be found in rural areas, making large difference in lifestyle than in urban area.

In rural areas the life style is simple and not as fashionable when compared to wears in urban areas. In Urban areas people wear highly fashionable and more costly clothes than in rural areas. Also the Islamic urban clothing is different in different countries because life style mainly depends on climatic condition and culture of that country.

In Asia, it is always good to wear cotton cloths as the climatic conditions in Asia are very hot and humid; cotton cloths are more hygienic than many other fabrics. Thuabs are most popular among the Muslim men across the world. Since from many centuries Muslim men used to wore long and flowing cloths. A Muslim man thinks their clothing shows its political, cultural and social value.

Urban wear

In Islamic Urban wear the Thuabs and Jubbahs are more popular than usual urban wears. Most people who follow Islam wear the Thuabs and jubbahs than traditional urban wears. These Islamic urban are easily available at many online trading shops where one can buy beautiful and fashionable urban wear at very low cost than its actual price at outlets. Online shopping help to save time and money and one can buy their favorite cloth in just few clicks but it is important to shop on a famous and trusted site. Almost all of the online shop provide home delivery options and offer easy payment options. One can also buy his/her required urban Islamic cloths from roadside streets. There are some special online and roadside shops that are famous for selling good quality, current patterns and fashionable urban wear at reasonable rates.

Most women wear the salwar-kurta and black Burkha over the face. The clothing of boys and girls are similar to clothing of their parents. Basically these people have simple day to day clothing but for festival and main occasions they wear very highly design beautiful cloths. One can easily notice the difference between urban wearing and typical wearing at rural areas.

As these people are living almost every part of the world and hence their clothing may Changes from place to place and they adopt their life style as per the culture and climatic conditions of that country. Islamic clothing can be differentiae into two main categories Islamic urban wear and Islamic rural wear. Urban wear mainly consists of highly fashionable cloths which are costly and it includes shirt paint with suit and traditional jubbah and pajamas. And Islamic rural wear consists of cotton jubbah and pajamas for men and salwar-kurta and black Burkha over the face.
Silver is being used in jewelry for thousand years and still commands a special place in fashionable gifts for special occasions. Silver necklaces embedded with pearls and emeralds are examples of high grade taste among fashion loving women. Silver necklaces studded with glittering gemstones express the fluidity of the neckline of celebrity models and movie stars. Modern women find it truly captivating and look for elegant designs in silver necklaces. You can express your feeling with a cool sterling silver chain for your lady love and celebrate the Special Day with true spirit.

Though, there are several producers of the striking necklaces with fine wire- work crafted in stones, exceptional varieties of silver necklaces are made and found in very few joints. You have to search for them, if you need necklaces with real beauty value. Here, we describe a few types of necklaces that you can hunt for in jewelry shops in your vicinity or online. Many kinds of silver are used to produce these necklaces, which are from pure silver, German silver and sterling silver and so on. Silver jewelry of antique design or of the latest sleek designs are crafted to adorn the neckline of beautiful women, who find it most pleasing to wear them in special times. You get a variety of choices, the silver beaded necklace, the silver chain, and the pearl set necklaces and so on.

The silver chain is another striking piece of necklace that woman can use in office or during casual dates. They are available in both the traditional form and trendy designs. Sterling silver necklace as Cross chains have several amazing designs, which you must wear to feel cool. Heart necklaces are always there since a long time and still compete as favorites to romantic hearts. The traditional heart shaped locket with photographs is still considered one best gift for the Special Day.

Colorful precious stones are fitted in eye-catching designs to prepare silver beaded necklaces. The fancy creation needs extremely difficult hand crafting technique to produce a high quality piece of silver beaded necklace. Colors come from the expensive stones that the article carries in the chain. You should consult a top manufacturer for this item to get a unique piece of the jewelry to make an occasion memorable.

Gold and silver are the two metals with the highest and probably the oldest symbolic and historic charge of all. Used ever since the dawn of many cultures for the manufacturing of jewelry and religious icons, they both had an important part in the sacred and profane backgrounds as well. Gold necklaces have always been worn with pride and distinction as epitomes of richness, power and nobility. The larger the gold necklaces, the more important the function of the wearer: this was actually the way to show the social status. Things have changed a lot in time, and nowadays, gold necklaces are a common thing.
Presently, some of the most exquisite jewelry is created of what looks like fine golden thread; thinness of the gold necklaces is thus one of the main specificities of elegance and refinement. If we take for instance the case of diamond necklaces, the stones are usually embedded in white or yellow gold in general. This metal is considered among the most suitable to be combined with such exquisite and valuable stones, but it definitely shares this favorite place with platinum, an equally valuable metal.
The explanation of the phenomenon lies in the historic discovery of the properties of this noble metal: gold has little if any chemical reaction with external agents, it is not affected by moisture or heat, not to mention the electrical conductivity properties that it shares. However, the only problem our forefathers may have had when trying to make gold necklaces, was that of metal purity. In its purest form, metal is not hard, but malleable, therefore, the creation of an alloy to give it resistance was absolutely necessary. Thus, the gold necklaces we wear are actually made of gold and another metal: silver, nickel or titanium.

The prices of gold necklaces on the world market vary according to the metal purity: the 24 karat gold is definitely the most expensive, and the prices drop if we take the scale backwards. 14 karat gold necklaces will definitely be cheaper be; then, white gold is often more expensive than yellow gold, not to mention that the association of a semiprecious or precious stones in the design has a decisive word to tell for the overall value of the jewel. A recent market tendency has been that of labeling the gold necklaces according to the metal origin: where it was actually imported from. Despite all these considerations there is one thing that remains clear here: personal taste and craftsmanship clearly influence the jewel choice too.
With the festive season around the corner, one thing that troubles everyone is what kind of gifts to give to loved ones or to other friends. All the gifts that can be given to those who are close to you, or even just a mere acquaintance, consist of electronic gadgets, bicycle, jewelery, and clothing. The purpose of giving a gift to someone is to make them feel special and to let them know that you care. So this festive season why not to give your wife, girlfriend or mother the most precious gift that is considered to be the 'best friend' of any girl: a diamond necklace. A diamond necklace is one gift that always brings a twinkle to a girl's eyes, and can be considered to be one of the best gifts that can be given.

For many years, people have been restrained with the giving of diamond necklaces due to the money factor, but today there is such a variety available in the market where the price ranges from an affordable £450 to the extravagant £5000. The price depends on the quality, quantity, as well as size, of the diamond. Generally for a diamond necklace, white gold is preferred as it looks much better than normal gold; also it provides more strength to the necklace. Purchasing a diamond necklace is very easy, as a person can just visit a web site and search for any kind of design that can be made by the jewelery shops later on.
Generally, diamonds of very small size are preferred for a necklace and the size of diamond used in a necklace is much less than the one used for an earring or a ring. The only thing is that a high number of diamonds are used to make a necklace, like the diamond chain necklaces. Diamonds come in many shapes, and the most common are the heart shape and the round shape. There are other stones that are embedded into a diamond necklace. But at the time of purchasing or ordering of a diamond necklace one thing should be kept in mind, and that is the proper use of materials as well as the type and size of the diamond to be embedded.There are various categories in which Diamond Necklaces are available in the market: diamond small drop necklace, diamond illusion necklace, diamond gemstone necklace, diamond ribbon necklace, diamond trilogy necklace, diamond collarets, diamond drop necklace, and diamond wish bone necklace. These days a diamond necklace is not meant for women only. Men also prefer to have a diamond chain that comes with a pendant displaying only one big diamond embedded in the middle. Moreover, many men also prefer to have a pendant with a dog tag boasting a diamond. A diamond chain gives a new look to the person who has a muscular body. All the above mentioned points make the diamond necklace one of the best gifts, not only for women but also for men.
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Pixie CutIf your daughter is somewhat tomboyish, athletic and adventurous with quite a bit of energy, she may enjoy the short pixie cut style as actress Natalie Portman chose to style her hair. This style is quite easy to maintain and only requires a small amount of gel and blow dry to accomplish.
BobEasy to maintain, a great style and a wonderful look for practically any hair type is the bob style. Suiting most any occasion, you are able to curl or straighten your daughter's to suit as this is an extremely versatile style. Also, you are able to use ribbons, clips, pony tails, hair bands or barrettes to accentuate this style.
ShagAside from girls with frizzy or extremely curly hair, shag hair styles can be suitable and look great on almost anyone. Easily adjustable to suit her face's shape, shag hair styles are tapered, uneven and choppy for this reason. Although this style looks great even while it is growing out, for best results schedule haircuts every six to eight weeks.
Long and LovelyMany peoples preference is long hair on the younger girls. Although it requires lots more maintenance, you have much more options when experimenting with ponytails, braids and other more elaborate styles. with long hair cuts, you can have the hair straight or layered and curly or fine hair greatly benefits from a bit of layering, but a young girl shouldn't require the products and blow drying of morning maintenance to get the look. Children under five years old should not be using a lot of different styling products as many of them contain chemicals that can be harsh and damaging to young locks.
Common Hair Styles for Boys
Boy's have more options nowadays for their hair styles but still can boast that their styles are much simpler than young girl's hair styles. Does your son prefer to have his hair trimmed just to keep out of his eyes or perhaps long at the back, or maybe just parted or brushed back?
Buzz CutThe buzz cut has to be the most popular cut for young boys, and for good reason. You can get this style at a salon but the reason for its popularity is the it's just as simple, quick and easy, and cost effective to do it at home and is totally effortless to maintain. Lengths usually vary between an eighth of an inch to three quarters of an inch.
Bowl CutThis style is exactly as the name implies and continues to be very popular, even today. Named after an age old home grown technique, its popularity again stems from the simpleness of the cut and the cost factor as there is no overhead for this style. you can acquire this style by simply placing a bowl on the young fellows head and cutting the hair that is shown outside the bowl. the result is several inches of hair on top and a close crop of hair below the bowl line.
FlattopAnother popular style among young boys hair styles is the flattop which means the top of the hair is cut and styled to be flat, resembling a military style of hair cut. An even cut at the top of the head that is shorter than the sides, you will need to use a small amount of mousse or gel to keep it in place, but also is inexpensive to attain while very little maintenance.
Caesar CutA bit more of a sophisticated look but also popular is the style worn by the late Julius Caesar called the caesar cut. Clipper blades with attachments are used to achieve this look by layering the hair an inch or two all over, then brushing it forward to a short bang, or fringe, at the front.
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