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She didn’t take a day off, instead participated in Abhishek Bacchan’s new game show with Farhan Akhtar. She spent her day playing bingo with two of her entertaining co.stars Farhan and Abhishek. But suddenly hasn’t she indulged herself more into work? But according to Deepika. she is not at all exhausting herself with work. She has signed three new films with Ashutosh Gowarikar, Pradeep Sarkar and Danish Aslam.
She praises Ashutosh Gowarikar for his clarity in projects.Deepika clarifies that she has great rapport with everybody on the sets. Buts that’s where it ends. Its not necessary that she socializes with everybody after completion of the project.
Regarding rumours about the alleged link-ups between her and Farhan, she says she is silent that doesn’t mean she will accept any kind of rubbish. But definitely she had fun playing Bingo with Farhan and Abhishek. Farhan – Deepika once again together? Deepika after her break-up will go to Delhi or Australia?
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