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Well, folks in the year 1994 an Akshay Kumar movie which went on to become a cult movie in his career was Mohra. Not only the film was a blockbuster hit, but the music of the movie was equally commendable. Amongst all the songs which spread like wildfire, one song that stands out was “Tip Tip Barsa Paani”.
The song was picturised on Akshay Kumar and Raveeva Tandon. Akshay Kumar who was an Action-Hero at that point of time and Raveena was a hottie, a heartthrob of millions. Seeing these two romancing in the rain was sure a pretty sight. The song was critically acclaimed and had connected well with the crowd. It is arguably one of the sexiest videos wherein the actress and the actor are romancing in the rain.
But that was then. Now, history repeats itself. We are going to witness Akshay Kumar doing a similar things with not Raveena but Katrina. Yes, Katrina and Akshay will be seen romancing in the rain in a song from their forthcoming comedy flick De Dana Dan Film. The name of the song is Gale Lag Ja. That says it all. The mushiness of the song can be sensed from its lyrics.
The song is crooned by Javed Ali and Ban Jyotsna. With Katrina in a clingy wet red saree and a passionate love making song, things are surely getting heated up for Katty. Akki and Raveena had shared quite a good chemistry when Tip Tip Barsa was shot and the pair was HIT. But, here the pair is already a crowd favorite and now when people will see them romancing under the rain, it will surely enhance the film’s promotion.


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