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Who would have thought that an item that was first introduced during WW2, has been used to repair such diverse items as jeeps, firearms, air conditioning ducts , as well as, to perform repairs on the Apollo 13 space flight, could become a useful item (yeah well it seems to have been that for nearly 60 years), that oozes street cred?

Ducti have managed to turn duct tape into a necessity for fashion conscious young people.
Eyebrows, certainly, must have been raised when the original Ducti wallet hit the scene. “ A wallet made out of duct tape, hmmm ookaay” but, they quickly increased in popularity with a generation not overly impressed with leather wallets, similar in look and design to the one’s their dad’s and his dad before him have used for years.

Ducti wallets were like a breath of fresh air. For a start it came in silver (not brown or black leather), had matching nickel rivets, was tough and hardwearing, could be individualised with wallet tattoos, could be worn with a chain (which lessened the chance of losing your hard earned cash) and, lastly, did not look anything like a girlie purse. The Ducti original wallet line, also, includes the Triplett, which not only holds all your cash, but, your credit cards and id, too, and the coin wallet, which has a zipped section for all that loose change
Ducti have remained right up to the minute with the addition of glow in the dark stripes (ideal to grab attention in nightclubs and bars), checks and reflective strips on their Ducti hybrid wallet range.
So, Ducti managed to give a boring item like a wallet some much needed street cred and then happily decided they had arrived and sat back and let the good times roll? Not a bit of it. Ducti had a plan. If you can make a fashion statement with a wallet and duct tape, what else could you re-invent?

What about watches? The Gents Tapebomb watch combines Ducti good looks with precision, toughness and reliability and the Ladies Pink Lady watch comes in pink, but, practically begs you to discover if the wearer is pink and girlie all the way through or if there is a little steel with the softness. Might be fun finding out.
Ducti have further increased their credibility by providing messenger bags that are the latest fashion item for, not only, the rich and famous, but, us mere mortals that like to be right now, this minute when it comes to our fashion tastes.
Adventure Avenue are a young dynamic company that keeps their fingers on the fashion pulse and as such stock and supply a whole range of Ducti products.


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