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Being someone who's fondest memory of computer games was pushing the spacebar as fast as I could on my Spectrum whilst playing Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, I wasn't that fussed about a gaming vest. Oh how wrong was I. Simply donning the 3rd Space Gaming Vest made me feel like I was about to go into battle - tightening straps and securing clips. Plugging the vest in was simple.
There is a cable that attaches to an air compressor (don't think "Hey, I'll go make a cuppa!" without unplugging yourself or you will drag your computer and cables with you) and a cable that connects to your computer via the USB port. Simply plug yourself in, put in a game ('Call of Duty 2' and 'Incursion' are included in the box) that features 3rd Space technology and let the fun/ sheer horror commence.

The graphics and sound are great, although I didn't get past 1 minute without jumping around as if I had fleas in my pants. I duck in shoot em up's so I was hopeless. As soon as an alien popped up I had to do everything in my power to stay where I was as the 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest vibrated into action. Not only does the gaming vest vibrate on impact, it actually knows where you were hit (front or back) and what you were hit by (bullet, punch etc) which affects its sensitivity.
There are sensors all over the front and back of the 3rd Space Gaming Vest to give a realistic feel to the game play. Although the air compressor did get a little noisy for a couple of seconds whilst it re compressed, this doesn't put off the fact that this is a seriously amazing piece of kit. Add this to your computer gaming guns and you have yourself a fantastic day. The 3rd Space Gaming Vest is compatible with Windows XP or higher and plugs into the mains, so no batteries needed. Easy to set up and a must for any serious gamer!
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