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All men have the potential to look classy when wearing a tie. Unfortunately, the wrong tie can also make you look unimportant, immature, or even sleazy. If you’re a business professional, your tie makes a statement about you before the first handshake is even made. But here’s something you probably don’t know – ties are sexy. I love watching a man put one on – and I absolutely drool when he takes it off. I’d love to explain why that is, but I can’t. Just know that it’s something many women thoroughly enjoy watching. So let’s get you sexy. We’ll start with the basic knot styles

See the pic of hawt, hawt Daniel Craig The James Bond promo? That’s the only way this looks good. Yeah, I know, what else are you going to wear with a tux? Fair enough. Go ahead and wear it, it will do. But do not wear one with a regular suit unless you’re related to Orville Redenbacher. And plan on sleeping solo, if you do.

That said, if I see you wearing one of these at the end of the evening, with your bowtie undone and your collar open just a bit... I'll probably find you rather delicious looking!

Double / Full Windsor
This is the knot real men wear. This knot tells your client you’re confident and competent the second they step into your office. This knot also appeals to women. If you took 6 cloned men, used a different tie knot on each of them and then asked a woman to choose the man she’d prefer to sleep with, I’d bet the farm on Mr. Windsor. Why? It’s just a theory, but I think it has to do with size. Oh, it’s subconscious, to be sure. Ties are not traditional phallic symbols. However, as a female, I can tell you it’s the tie’s wide, thick appearance that appeals to me. I always find myself admiring the knot, for some reason. Sometimes I have to stop myself from asking if I can touch it!


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