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The world of fashion is never stop, no matter which type of fashion that people love to wear, the competition is also very strong. According to the fact that there are many of new designers graduated from fashion design school each year and once they enter in to this competitive industry, they all are trying to design the interesting and appealing fashion items and let those fashion designs into the market. There is no exception for shoes, there were millions of shoes design in the market today and sometimes many of boys and girls just don't know how to choose to start on choosing the shoes that great match for them. Not only for the function for the shoes itself, but also they have to follow something trendy or obtain the most popular fashion. And in most case, many of consumers just choose the wrong type of shoes, that is, for example, they may choose a pair of shoes that is very trendy and exactly what they want, but they later find that it is just not functional or feel not really comfortable when using it.As long as the objective of using shoes has been changed a lot since they were design only to protect our feet from hurting from the objects in the past, but now it is a lot more that the thing that we use to protect our feet but also for charming and beauty for individuals. According to this reason, all of us then have to choose the type and design of shoes that is correspond to the social need and physical needs. The below descriptions are about what function or the purpose of those needs, you may find it useful if you want to know what to consider to find those pair of shoes to make the perfect match of your functional and dress.
Firstly, if you want to find the type or design of shoes that depends on the fashion and style. You may find easily on a lot of shoes that are very trendy. The fashion and style for men and women they can choose the design that match to your out fit the most. For example, if you are wearing jeans, you nay find the shoes that in the shape of boots or leather design because jeans will represent the feeling of strong and tough. Mean while, for the smart casual outfits, you may have cut shoes or heel-covered sandal to make you feel more comfortable. However, the type and design of shoes may be depends on the occasion of use. You may select the shoes when you have to go attend particular type of event. For example, for wedding reception, it is obviously that you will have to wear night party blouse (for women) and smart suite (for men). The type of shoes, therefore, has to correspond to those type of outfit and the event that you are going to attend.
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