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Anyone who reads the "Sunday Styles" section of the New York Times – or its equivalent in London's Sunday Times, Toronto's Globe and Mail, Sydney's Morning Herald or Melbourne's The Age – knows that it is once again in vogue for gentlemen to go down on one knee and proffer a ring when proposing marriage. Traditionally, engagement rings are silver rings, or are made of platinum or gold, and bear a diamond. But in this recession, who can afford a diamond? Given the state of most western economies, today's practical gents and ladies may well prefer to save their money for a mortgage.
Nevertheless, a silver ring is part and parcel of the engagement process. Since even the least romantic male knows his beloved expects an engagement ring, no sensible gent will listen for a "yes" without sliding a silver ring onto his lady's finger. It's well known that silver is valuable and affordable. But how to get around the vexing problem that diamonds are quite dear – in every sense of the word?
A unique silver ring option is a silver ring inlaid with a semi-precious gemstone. In fact, choosing a silver ring with a gemstone is apt to impress and delight the newly-engaged woman: it's innovative, colorful, charming, unusual – and eminently practical. Here are some ideas for silver and gemstone rings that make a terrific stand-in for the traditional engagement diamond:
Sense and sensibility: Another unique silver ring option is to choose a silver ring bearing a gemstone that carries the beneficial energetic properties you'd like to confer on your beloved. Both the carnelian and the topaz promote fidelity, and look wonderful when set off by a silver ring setting. And nothing could be more apt as an silver engagement ring than a silver ring bearing a peridot, a gemstone that is thought to promise marital happiness.
The fedora is a soft, brimmed hat with a creased crown that got its start in the late 1800’s and went on to become the iconic hat style in the first half of the 20th century. When most of us think of fedoras, we picture gangsters in the Al Capone era, Frank Sinatra, the Blues Brothers, and Jimmy Stuart in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
In the mid 1900’s, men’s hats fell out of style, and so did the fedora. But then along came Indiana Jones and the Fedora got a new life. Today, fedora hats for men are very popular and stylish. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials suitable for every occasion and every season of the year.Types of Fedora Hats:
While the Sinatra and gangster fedoras are still available, there is now a whole host of more modern styles. There are urban style fedoras that are great for clubbing and stingy-brim styles for a cooler look. For the outdoor adventurous types, there are safari fedoras and, of course, the Indiana Jones fedora.
A close cousin to the fedora is the trilby, which typically has a slightly narrower brim that is sharply upturned in the back. This hat is also very popular and comes in a variety of colors and materials.Colors and Materials:
Fedora hats for men come in a wide variety of materials including straw and cotton twill for spring and summer and wool felt, fur felt, and corduroy for winter. The traditional colors of black, grey, and brown are still available but now fedoras come in almost any color as well as in plaids, pinstripes, twills, houndstooth, and even leopard. The versatility and variety of modern fedoras make it an excellent choice for both dress and casual occasions. And there are even crushable fedoras that are great for trips
The Major Brands:Fedora hats for men are available from a wide range of quality hat manufactures including Jaxon, Christys’, Bailey, Golden Gate, Kangol, and of course Stetson. The large number of manufactures ensures a great selection and great prices Get Moving:
Fedora hats for men are stylish and fashionable. They are a hit with the Hollywood crowd and they are a great choice for dressing up or when you’re just out having fun. With all the styles, colors, and materials available today, you’re sure to find one that looks great on you. So, go pick one out.
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Being someone who's fondest memory of computer games was pushing the spacebar as fast as I could on my Spectrum whilst playing Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, I wasn't that fussed about a gaming vest. Oh how wrong was I. Simply donning the 3rd Space Gaming Vest made me feel like I was about to go into battle - tightening straps and securing clips. Plugging the vest in was simple.
There is a cable that attaches to an air compressor (don't think "Hey, I'll go make a cuppa!" without unplugging yourself or you will drag your computer and cables with you) and a cable that connects to your computer via the USB port. Simply plug yourself in, put in a game ('Call of Duty 2' and 'Incursion' are included in the box) that features 3rd Space technology and let the fun/ sheer horror commence.

The graphics and sound are great, although I didn't get past 1 minute without jumping around as if I had fleas in my pants. I duck in shoot em up's so I was hopeless. As soon as an alien popped up I had to do everything in my power to stay where I was as the 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest vibrated into action. Not only does the gaming vest vibrate on impact, it actually knows where you were hit (front or back) and what you were hit by (bullet, punch etc) which affects its sensitivity.
There are sensors all over the front and back of the 3rd Space Gaming Vest to give a realistic feel to the game play. Although the air compressor did get a little noisy for a couple of seconds whilst it re compressed, this doesn't put off the fact that this is a seriously amazing piece of kit. Add this to your computer gaming guns and you have yourself a fantastic day. The 3rd Space Gaming Vest is compatible with Windows XP or higher and plugs into the mains, so no batteries needed. Easy to set up and a must for any serious gamer!
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If you are a driver, then what kind of glasses do you need? Today let me give you some suggestions that would help you when matching your eyeglasses. First, if your eyesight isn’t very good, then you need to match a pair of eyeglasses which will correct your eyesight in order to let it achieve the lowest driving standard.

If there isn’t any problem with your eyesight, as the drivers must face the dazzling light of the sun in the daytime, they’d better wear a pair of sunglasses. They must choose the right sunglasses according to the different individual styles, color and density. And the sex will affect the different choice of colors of the lenses.
It is different to drive at night and in the daytime. The most important difference is the reduction of the contrast. The low luminous flux will let the pupil expand to 4mm to 7mm. In this case, the concentration of eyes is obvious insufficient. At this time, the drivers will often complain that they can’t see things clearly and they don’t have the confidence to guarantee the security.
Therefore, the drivers can wear the special-purpose glasses to enhance the contrast of the air clarity. Besides, it can also prevent the stimulation from the opposite vehicle’s light in order to let the drivers drive more safely.
Amazing stylish designs in today’s eye glasses frames are quickly becoming the hottest fashion accessory of the year. More than a purse, a pair of shoes, or a pencil skirt, fashion frames are the first thing a person notices. For this reason it is important to choose eyewear carefully.
Eyewear has come a long way from the thick lens and black frames standard in past generations. But, retro is always in and a new thinner lens can be found in updated, stylish black frames that match today’s hip fashion attitude.There are a multitude of shapes, styles, and designs available in eyewear. A person should determine which glasses to purchase based on her fashion sense and needs.

So Many Options With AttitudeIt may seem overwhelming when first faced with choosing a pair of spectacles and faced with all of today’s options. Hundreds of textures, colours, and styles ranging from funky to demure make it difficult to decide on just one pair. It is always helpful to keep a few points in mind when shopping for glasses.* Why are the glasses needed? Will they be worn periodically or all the time?* Hair colour, eye colour, and shape of face* Colour likes and dislikes, predominate colours in wardrobeAnd, don’t forget attitude! When choosing fashionable frames it is important to choose frames that match attitude.
For example, if a person wants to express their desire to be a power player or to jet around the world, a wrap around frame or larger frame will match her attitude. Or, if an inner lady is looking to break free, the pair of dainty pastel glasses is perfect.Amazing stylish designs in today’s frames for eye glasses include reading glasses, sunglasses, and spectacles. Reading glasses are becoming more and more popular as baby boomers begin to age and develop Presbyopia, a condition where text blurs for people beginning around middle age.

Stylish and PortableFashionable reading glasses are compact and can be easily stored for portability. They also come in many designs. Their frames are super lightweight and the lenses are thin. One unique style of reading glasses is the size of a credit card. It fits into a purse or wallet and is available whenever needed.

Who would have thought that an item that was first introduced during WW2, has been used to repair such diverse items as jeeps, firearms, air conditioning ducts , as well as, to perform repairs on the Apollo 13 space flight, could become a useful item (yeah well it seems to have been that for nearly 60 years), that oozes street cred?

Ducti have managed to turn duct tape into a necessity for fashion conscious young people.
Eyebrows, certainly, must have been raised when the original Ducti wallet hit the scene. “ A wallet made out of duct tape, hmmm ookaay” but, they quickly increased in popularity with a generation not overly impressed with leather wallets, similar in look and design to the one’s their dad’s and his dad before him have used for years.

Ducti wallets were like a breath of fresh air. For a start it came in silver (not brown or black leather), had matching nickel rivets, was tough and hardwearing, could be individualised with wallet tattoos, could be worn with a chain (which lessened the chance of losing your hard earned cash) and, lastly, did not look anything like a girlie purse. The Ducti original wallet line, also, includes the Triplett, which not only holds all your cash, but, your credit cards and id, too, and the coin wallet, which has a zipped section for all that loose change
Ducti have remained right up to the minute with the addition of glow in the dark stripes (ideal to grab attention in nightclubs and bars), checks and reflective strips on their Ducti hybrid wallet range.
So, Ducti managed to give a boring item like a wallet some much needed street cred and then happily decided they had arrived and sat back and let the good times roll? Not a bit of it. Ducti had a plan. If you can make a fashion statement with a wallet and duct tape, what else could you re-invent?

What about watches? The Gents Tapebomb watch combines Ducti good looks with precision, toughness and reliability and the Ladies Pink Lady watch comes in pink, but, practically begs you to discover if the wearer is pink and girlie all the way through or if there is a little steel with the softness. Might be fun finding out.
Ducti have further increased their credibility by providing messenger bags that are the latest fashion item for, not only, the rich and famous, but, us mere mortals that like to be right now, this minute when it comes to our fashion tastes.
Adventure Avenue are a young dynamic company that keeps their fingers on the fashion pulse and as such stock and supply a whole range of Ducti products.
The soft jean material with decent look is all what the True religion Jean brand provide you with. There are several varieties of jeans available for women, men and even for kids. This brand is mostly preferred by professionals who use it for office, any official party or meetings and seminars. The price range starts from 65$ and is up to the selection of the user to go for a trustable brand of True religion jean.

While considering the quality and design, True Religion Jeans are chic, voguish, sizzling, stylish and even easily washable! True Religion Jeans that are designed for women are the best selling items in the clothing market and even they have unbeatable demand amidst jean lovers. While purchasing true Religion Jeans for women, you must be little cautious to ensure and beware of Phony, faux, and fake jeans. Most fake and unreal imitations of True Religion Jeans have been creeping out and they have made the innocent buyers to fall in trouble.

The next impressive collection of fashion jeans will definitely be the Artful Dodger Jeans. They come in different variety and are just plain and cool. The specialty of this brand of Jean is the color and the quality of the material. They are unruffled and stiff enough to be used for a long time. This brand mostly concentrates on Men’s wear and is focuses on ranging with different categories starting from T-Shirts to sweaters, track-jackets, winter coats and also hats. Every piece of Artful Dodger clothing is painstakingly planned and designed by the experts.
The artful Dodger Jeans are designed in order to achieve the maximum user satisfaction and also to facilitate ease of mayhem-wrecking. Apart from the colors, it is the design pattern and embroidery work used that jingles the brand to keep up its name. The latest release of the brand includes ‘Skully Hat’, ‘Slim Jean’ and ‘Brass knuckle Jean’.
Evisu Jeans and t-Shirts are the one best brand which suits Men and Women as well. This brand is known familiar in providing all other accessories like shoe, boots and watches also. Evisu watches are striking and beautiful, which sets a new look to the wearer. The exclusive time pieces from Evisu are handcrafted in such way which adds specialty to this brand again. The brand itself is a different combination of materials that gives the feeling of comfort and ease.Evisu’s T-Shirts and shoes range from 30-40$ and are worth using them. Evisu, the yet another finest jeans collection is ever made with astonishing Japan’s culture in its style and work. The fabrics are identical and the jean material suits any kind of season. It is all the creative designers work and the world-class mills that work behind the release of this effective and attractive Evisu piece. One of the most preferable vendors of Evisu is Bagga, who are the first to get the newest products of the brand as and when they are introduced in the market. The latest variety and classified availability details of evisu Jeans products from Bagga can be ensured on visiting the online resources available on the net.
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Many manufacturers make golf shoes for ladies. Also, many retailers sell them at discounted prices. A simple search on the Internet will quickly give you a list of retailers offering discounted prices. You can quickly get more options than ever before using the net. Discountgolfshoes is a reputable site that sells ladies golf shoes at a lower than average cost and there are many more sources you could check out as well. The Palm Beach Golf Center makes use of this web site to give discounts to their customers.
Did you know that this store has won quality awards thanks to their internet sales? The ‘Golf for Women’ magazine reviewed the store and ran a feature on it as well as declares it as one of the top twenty five golf stores in the world. Golf Shoes Plus is another store that is backed by good reviews and a great reputation. They sell all kinds of golf accessories apart from shoes, and operate out of the state of Florida.
Their name can be seen on many golf review sites on the Internet. These are the top few names you need to look out for when you need to purchase golf shoes for ladies. Are you looking for more information on buying the right golf shoes for ladies?Golf shoes are made in many varieties of size and style, and for women who have different feet types. You can divide the basic foot types into three categories: the supinated, the neutral and the pronated. Every division needs the use of a special kind of shoe to be most c.
The oversupinated type of feet require the use of a shoe which is comfortable and cushioned inside. A lady with overpronated feet will need a pair of shoes which are supportive as well as firm on the feet. Make sure you buy the specific shoe for it if you have wider than normal feet. Otherwise your feet would not be able to give you stability if they are not comfortably spread out as they should be.
Not only would they give less support and stability to the feet, but the shoes willtend to wear out quicker than they should. So look out not just for the right length of the golf shoes but also for the right width for the feet that you are shopping for. Remember there is a right shoes out there on the market for every type of foot. Golf shoes do not only take care of your feet, but they are vital to your playing as well. When you are comfortable in your shoes, you will be able to give full concentration on the game at hand.

Why is it that a vintage womens red velvet hat can make women very sexy? Is it because of things in the past? I don't know except it just does. Hats add a slight mystery to the women who wears them today. Though a red retro hat is very seldom worn today as an accessory, they can still add to a woman's sex appeal. Young women today are missing out on a choice to look even better.
It seems that the young women of today culture have no interest in dressing up. To them dressing up is putting on a clean pair of jeans with or without holes as long as it is clean.
Some of the old hats were huge and I mean huge. They were so large that they would be floppy hats because of the weight would cause them to fall down. A woman could take the rim of the hat and cover her face with only her eyes showing. With a twinkle in her eyes, she could give you the come hither look. You just don't see that today.If you read your history, you know the flapper hat was very much part of dressing up during the roaring 20's. A woman wouldn't leave her home without wearing her black flapper hat.

The man was always seen with his fedora. Mens fedora hats are still popular even today.Remember the pill box hat? What about the Charleston hat? You couldn't go dancing without dressing up in your fancy dress and put on your Victorian hat just made to do the Charleston. Lots of beads on the dresses as well on your velvet epaulet hat. Maybe you added a few feathers which were always a great finishing touch to your ensemble.As the time changes, so did the hat styles. In the 60's some women turned to Retro Gray Woven Fedora hats.
The fedora has light appearance. It provides an accessory but it doesn't overwhelm the overall look that the young woman has put together. It adds to touch of sophistication. Fedora come in all kinds of colors as well as velvet, straw, and heavy cloth. A fedora can be shaped to exhibit the personality of the woman who is wearing it. If I sound like I am missing some of the styles of yesterday, I guess I am. It seems quite strange that an aging baby boomer would like to see women wear more attractive hats.
Maybe it is because that today's dress many times doesn't leave a lot to the imagination and a return to years of some modesty adds an element of mystery to the woman sex appeal. Is she trying to tell me something with the hat? Is it saying she is available. I guess we will never know since a baseball cap pretty much tells me, I didn't have time to fix my hair or it is dirty so I am covering it up with a cap.
Pants which fall just above the ankles are referred to as Capri Pants. They are over 3/4th of your leg's length. Capri Pants are normally worn by ladies and girls. At times ¾ pants for men also denote Capri Pants. But in this article, we are going to discuss about Capri Pants for women and women only.
With the rising fashion, Capri Pants have become a fashion Statement in the 2000s.
When we talk of Capri Pants, length should first come to our mind before selecting. Extreme caution needs to be exercised on the length of the Capri. When you lose the right length, you lose the Capri status. The right length determines whether it is a Capri or a Pants or a Knee High Pants. It also decides your style. Capris with vertical stripes were popular. Now Capri pants are coming in different colors with prints.
As for any apparel or lingerie, the fit should be given its due importance for a Capri too. For any girl or a woman, Capri Pants are the must have in her wardrobe. Capri is the one which can be worn for all seasons and for all occasions.
While finalizing the color of the Capri, freeze it after checking your wardrobe needs. As for the fabric, it goes with the season. For e.g., if you wish to wear it for summer, go with cotton.Accessories are the second most important thing for a woman. With Capri, I prefer flat shoes to heels. Wear a belt in contrast to your Capri.
As for any apparel or lingerie, the fit should be given its due importance for a Capri too. For any girl or a woman, Capri Pants are the must have in her wardrobe. Capri is the one which can be worn for all seasons and for all occasions.
While finalizing the color of the Capri, freeze it after checking your wardrobe needs. As for the fabric, it goes with the season. For e.g., if you wish to wear it for summer, go with cotton.
Accessories are the second most important thing for a woman. With Capri, I prefer flat shoes to heels.

Wear a belt in contrast to your Capri.

Champion are the leading brands in Work Out / Sports Bras and Pants. Champion Capri offers you the right length coupled with updated style. Champion Capri could be worn for Working Out or just for Hanging Out. It uses moisture-whicking fabric to control the odor from your body. It has comfort waistband and good seam.
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